10 Powerful WordPress Plugins To Make Hosting Website High Converting 2017

10 Powerful WordPress Plugins To Make Hosting Website High Converting 2017
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The sites which sell hosting or web server are high traffic website. People of various interest come to visit. They could be website owner, developer, designer or webmaster. They all need the best hosting solution to run their business, portfolio, agency, and other personal websites seamlessly. Also, Read Top 20 FREE High PR Ping Submission Sites List 2017

The amazing part of this niches, the target users of hosting sites are proficient and educated. They have a proper assumption of professional server providers. So, sometimes it’s difficult to convince them to convert. If you want to be a pioneer in this business, your website should have a high converting feature to run your hosting business successfully.

On the other hand, you may not have WordPress theme or website that comes with all feature. If you want to add those right away, find from the following list powerful WordPress plugins.

10 Powerful WordPress Plugins To Make Hosting Website High Converting 2017

Powerful WordPress plugins for Hosting WordPress Themes & Website

I’ve tried to incorporate all the free WordPress plugin. But here in this list, you will find some premium plugins. I’ve added them based on their high-tech functionality.

  1. GS Logo Slider

Hosting clients highly get convinced to see who are purchasing your service. When you find you are serving big clients, they don’t make any delay to convert. So, If your customer base is full of big brands, showcase their logo. I believe, after adding such element, you’ll notice a skyrocket boost in sales.

Adding logo slider in WordPress website is easy. You don’t need to code. Only, you have to download GS Logo Slider. It’ll do the rest for you. The logo slider WordPress plugin features with options to present logo category wise.

On the other hand, it let you control slider speed, autoplay, pagination, navigation and color settings.

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  1. GS Testimonial Slider

Those who purchase hosting are educated and experienced. They try to read online reviews before buying. So, this is the prime reason; webmasters add persuading testimonials of satisfied clients on the hosting website.

If you want to make your such section fantastic, you can install GS Testimonial Slider. The plugin is lightweight and high customizable. It comes with unlimited options which let you control the plugin frontend view with fun.

Moreover, The WordPress logo slider plugin has the powerful admin panel. It allows you to manage, edit, create and delete testimonials without any complication.

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  1. GS Team Members

The client’s purchasing decision get influenced numerous ways. When a client visits team section, they get influenced a lot. A statistics shows the catchy picture of support staff/team members brings exponential conversion. If you haven’t captured the photo of your team members yet, take them right away.

I think, having read this study, you want to add team member section on your website, right? If you understand your mind perfect, then download GS Team Members WordPress plugin.

The best team WordPress plugin is responsive and SEO friendly. GS Team member plugin is easy to use and customize, comes with Custom CSS functionality. On top of that, It let you customize your theme frontend view according to your requirement.

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  1. Max Mega Menu

Hosting WordPress websites are content rich. They come with tons of contents for customers’ guideline. The instruction includes tutorials, resource, and other information. So, you can understand navigating uses to those post and pages is challenging. If you want to navigate your website users to all your conversion oriented pages, you need to add a mega menu to your site.

If your hosting WordPress theme features a static menu, you can install Max Mega Menu. It’s free, but best mega menu WordPress plugin. The plugin is popular because it’s powerful functionality like drag and drop, responsive and retina and touch ready.

// Download Now //

  1. Meta Slider

Alluring users to read your selling content is not easy, you need to add animated slider on the site above the fold. It’s proven tactics to keep users engaged. On top of that, best WordPress slider plugin can communicate with site visitors quickly. It conveys the perfect message to the ends customers.

So, hosting WordPress website comes with the aesthetic slider like Meta Slider. The best slider WordPress plugin is responsive slider pack. It can enable a variety of sliders: Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider and Responsive Sliders.

// Download Now //

  1. Our Services Showcase

On a hosting website, service feature showcase is one of the most crucial element. This section includes the benefit and facilities your service. So, you’ve to prioritize a lot to make this part simple and clean. Service showcase should be straightforward. Experts discourage to add unnecessary elements to this section.

If you aren’t satisfied with the default look of your WordPress hosting theme or website feature area, you can try Our Services Showcase plugin. It comes with various grid and accordion base template. Moreover, it’s 600+ icon support and mobile friendly equipment.
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  1. Affiliates

Affiliate is crucial for promoting hosting service. It attracts affiliate marketers to promote products through their marketing channels. Though this is vital for running a free hosting promotion, many of premium WordPress themes don’t come with affiliate managing system. To enable affiliate functionality on your hosting website, you can install Affiliates WordPress plugin.
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  1. Zopim Live Chat

Providing chat support is mandatory for hosting business. Customer prioritizes those hosting providers ensure chat support. Chat system is not default system of WordPress theme. You’ve to use 3rd party service. We prefer Zopim as chat solution.

If you choose the same service for your site, you can install Zopim Live Chat to connect it API to your WordPress website.

// Download Now //

  1. GS Pricing Table

Pricing section should be catchy and engaging. The comparison should look easy to eyes. On top of that, pricing table should tailor with overall theme design and color scheme. If you don’t know which pricing table plugin can make the cut accordingly, I recommend you to install GS pricing table plugin.

It provides variation for the template, color, and grid view.

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  1. bbPress

Hosting customers need technical support very often. To ensure them quick support, enable bbPress forum WordPress plugin. It’s simple and easy to kickstart.
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