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How to Add sound in the background WordPress And Blogger Sites

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Google Blogger is a popular site. By using it, you can open a free blog. And you can organize a custom theme using the theme. You have a website, then you go to the site and new blog on Blogger and title and address and click “Create” click. Optionally,

Today, I will show you how you Blogger site will add any music in the background? As a result, any visitor to visit the site for blogging, then the music will play automatically. If you want, you can hide the music player.

1.    First of all, visit to this site:  https://soundcloud.com/.

2.    Select your choice powerful song or upload that choice powerful song.

3.    Now, click on the “Share button.“

4.    Now, click on the embed.

5.     Click on the “More Option.“

6. Give the tick sign “Automatic play Box.“

7.    Now, copy the embed. (To hide the player: Change the width and height along with the embed code and do it like that: width=”0%” and height=”0″.)

8.    Blogspot Users: Click on the Layout option of the site and click on the Add a Gadget option and select the HTML/JavaScript. WordPress users: Go to the theme editor, >> edit the “footer.php“, >> paste the embed code before closing the </body> tag.

9.    Paste the embed code.

10.    Save it.

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