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Key to Enable Skype Push To Talk feature

Key to Enable Skype Push To Talk feature
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I have seen lot of people searching for Skype Push To Talk feature on Google and other search engines. As all you know Skype has been growing in popularity day by day with millions of active users. Skype is one of the best applications that can be used for video calling and voice calling. And also Skype is used to communicate while playing PC games. So, here comes the key to enable Skype Push To Talk feature in this article.

Today there are lots of applications available to make online calls like whatsapp, viber, hike and many more but back in old days when there was no whatsapp, hyke, viber etc, we had one and only one synonym for video calls and that was ‘Skype’. With its best service towards video chatting, a huge crowd still prefers the Skype for online video chatting. Skype allow you to send text messages, images, videos, documents, files and much more with your friends.


What is Push to Talk all about?


Push to talk is feature that enables your phone or desktop into a walkie-talkie. Push-to-talk (or press-to-transmit) abbreviated as PTT, is a function which allows to transmit your voice only when you press and hold a keyboard key. In other words using Push-to-talk Skype function the interlocutor don’t hears your voice until you press the specified key. When you release the key your interlocutor won’t hear you any more (of course, till you hold down it again).

Steps to Enable Skype Push To Talk feature:


  • Open the Skye App by clicking on the icon .Login into your account .On the top of the window we could see the Tools option, click on it and then we get a drop down menu .Select the Options from the drop down menu.

Skype Push To Talk feature

  • From the left sidebar click Advanced in order to open Skype advanced settings. Next, click Hotkeys and be sure to Enable keyboard shortcuts option.Skype Push To Talk feature
  • Here you can configure Push-to-talk function as well as other Skype functions. First of all, check the box near to Toggle to mute (Push-to-talk) option in order to enable it.Skype Push To Talk feature
  • The latest and most important thing that we should do is to set the desired hotkey for PTT function. If the hotkey is unset, at previous step a popup window will appear automatically. Otherwise, click on Toggle to mute (Push-to-talk) option to highlight it, and then click the Change selected shortcut button.Skype Push To Talk feature


As Push-to-talk hotkey it is required to use one regular key. To set it, click on input box then press the desired key. Optionally you can choose one or any modifier keys like Shift, Ctrl and Alt (to enable it, check the box next to modifier key). In the screenshot above none of the modifier keys is not enabled.

For example, if as regular key you choose F10 and enabled modifier keys Ctrl and Alt, during the call, to activate Push-to-talk, you should press the next key combination: Ctrl+Alt+F10. This is why try to use the most convenient hotkey for you. Sure enough that you can choose any key combinations as well as just one key, but you must take care not to create conflicts (i.e., don’t use key combinations which already are used by other applications).

Still stuck with the same issue to Enable Skype Push To Talk feature???? Go through the following video link:


So friends, now we are all set, just before start a call to check if this really works, do not forget to un-mute. We could see the mute button at bottom of the Skype window, if you are on mute, un-mute it and enjoy Skype push to talk feature.

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