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How To Stream live video from your profile to PC on Facebook

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I hope you all are fine. I write because it faced the back of the increase not to get straight to work.

Today, Facebook is a popular feature of the live video. Now one person has live streaming video on Facebook. This page will be verified until a few days ago, now it is open to all. But iPhone users are using now.

How To Stream live video from your profile to PC on Facebook



Do you know how to stream live video from your Facebook profile?

Today I will show how to direct their time. Your friend “is someone live now” will be able to see how the matter?

What you need to:

Watch This Video.

You “Facebook Live Stream Click here” on the button will see below.

** Due to block pop-up windows are not covered, then disassemble it for this site.

The next pressing of the first window will close and another window will open automatically, if it is not open then there is no problem. Now if you look at this site last spaces “URL host or stream” “Server URL” “Stream Key”. are filled with information see something like. They will stay in a new window. Now “Preview Post” button. We “Preview or Repost” button. We will need “Server URL” “Stream Key”. will be required.

Open installing Open Broadcaster software. And enter into the settings.

Go to “Broadcast Settings”. Paste there by copying from “FMS/Server URL” & “Stream Key” site. Then save it by pressing OK.

Now you have the right “sources” box> Add Monitor Capture software by clicking the stream you will be informed. I do this because I will show you my view. If there is a web camera will be listed below.

Preview section will show you how you can take a look at this. At least start streaming and last time, we had opened the window by clicking on the wait for a minute, go back. You will see your stream will be shown online. There you have to write about whatever you click the “Go Live” wish.

If all goes well, the video will go Live.

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