unexpectedly closed the connection
if you facing this error:, unexpectedly closed the connection, Kindly Follow These Steps to fix this issue.   For Pc Users: unexpectedly closed the connection: In case you still face this issue, please give steps from this help article a try. Having done that, do give these suggestions a try:   Does the issue persist in incognito… (0 comment)

Skype Keyboard Shortcut For Mac OS X
Skype Keyboard Shortcut combinations to be used on Mac OS X:   1. Command Key + 1 – Use For Display The Skype Main Window 2. Command Key + G – Use For Find Next 3. Command Key + 2 – Use For Display The Skype Dial Pad 4. Command Key + (-) Key –… (0 comment)

Key to Enable Skype Push To Talk feature
I have seen lot of people searching for Skype Push To Talk feature on Google and other search engines. As all you know Skype has been growing in popularity day by day with millions of active users. Skype is one of the best applications that can be used for video calling and voice calling. And… (0 comment)